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От кого Hermes Parfums <>
Кому post4elena@yandex.ru
7 ноября 2011 в 20:49


Dear Ms Elena,

We have well received your e-mail and we thank you very much for your interest.

First of all, we want to guarantee that Hermès Parfums is particulaly worried about consumer security. Indeed, as explained in the article II of the European Directive, “everything must be done in order to not harm human health”.

We are very concerned about the guarantee of innocuousness of our products used by consumers.

Our products and raw materials are not tested on animals. They are tested by our laboratories which use alternative methods since 1995. We are strong defenders of these methods which preserve animals lives.

We also want to reassure you about our formulas and raw materials used in our products. They are subjected to the opinion of an expert in toxicology.

In the hope that I have answered your query.

We remain at your disposal, would you require any further information.

Best regards,

Claire MEYER
Au Fil d'Hermès Parfumeur


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