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15.03.10, 09:06, Jan-Dirk.Seiler-Hausmann@henkel.com:

Dear Elena Makeeva, Уважаемая Елена Макеева,

Thanks for contacting us regarding our position on alternatives to animal testing. Спасибо за ваше собщение нам относительно нашей позиции в альтернативных мето

Henkel is responsible for safety, health and environmental matters relatingto the production, distribution and application of its products. In fulfillingthis responsibility, the products are subjected to numerous tests and studies.Most of them are legal requirements which are applicable to all industriesand geographical regions concerned. Moreover, Henkel applies additionalstandards that guarantee a high level of product safety for consumers andthe environment.

For Henkel, the goal of replacing animal testing by alternative test methodsis of prime importance. Henkel has therefore consolidated its activitiesfor developing alternatives to animal testing and is working on collaborativeprojects as part of an international network comprising external industrialpartners, government agencies and research organizations. Henkel is continuallyengaged in having alternative methods accepted by the legislator. At thesame time, Henkel is pro-active in supporting an acceleration of the currentlyextremely prolonged legislative process involved in securing the legalacceptance of alternative test methods. The overall objective is to furtherreduce the number of animal testing and to ultimately eliminate the needfor animal testing all together, also in areas where they are still requiredby law today.

We hope that we have been able to communicate to you the seriousness ofour intent and interest in providing comprehensive and open information.
Best regards,

Jan-Dirk Seiler-Hausmann

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