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От кого CustomerServices <CustomerServices@toniandguy.co.uk>
Кому post4elena <post4elena@yandex.ru>
Отправлено 1 июня 2010 в 16:23

Dear Elena,

TONI&GUY does not believe in animal testing. With regards to our TONI&GUY Signature which is exclusive to Boots and is a licensed brand which is manufactured by them which we subsequently test – please see below the official policy relating to this issue. I hope you will find this satisfactory to your query.

Boots Animal Testing Policy as at 13.06.07

We do not test any of our finished product on animals, nor would we undertake testing to be carried out on the raw materials that we use.

Kind regards

Katie Byrne
Customer Services Manager
 58-60 Stamford Street London SE1 9LX
5 katie.byrne@mascolo.co.uk
0207 9219112
  www.toniandguy.com

-----Original Message-----
From: post4elena [mailto:post4elena@yandex.ru]
Sent: 28 May 2010 11:36
To: CustomerServices
Subject: testing on animals

Do you test your prodaction on animals?

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