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Здесь далеко не вся информация об этичности, которой я обладаю.

Полный список этичных косметических брендов смотрите тут

Список этичной бытовой химии тут

Этичный корм для пушистых тут 

От кого Customer Service <>
Кому post4elena@yandex.ru
Когда 30 апреля 2011 в 00:26

Hello Elena,

Thank you for your interest in AHAVA. We are committed to your satisfaction and enjoyment of our unique product line.

All AHAVA products are free of animal products and byproducts. Our manufacturing processes are non-polluting and environmentally conscious. No animals are involved in testing phases and all of our products are encased in recyclable tubes, bottles and jars.

Please view our website: www.ahavaus.com. There you can find our complete product line including descriptions and ingredients. You also have the option of secure online orderings. In addition, there is a store locator which allows you to search for stores in your area using zip code and/or area code.

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions or concerns. We hope you enjoy your AHAVA experience.

AHAVA Customer Service

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From: Customer Support [mailto:customer_service@ahavaus.com
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Firstname: Elena
Lastname: Makeeva
City: Moscow
Country: Russia
E-mail: post4elena@yandex.ru

Hi, Are Ahava production or components is tested for animals?


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